5 Ways to Stay Motivated to Walk Every Day

Do you remember that feeling? You wake up, start doing your tasks for the day, and not even halfway through you feel tired already. Then as you sit down, you tell yourself "I've gotta get more in shape".

We've all been there. And I understand how hard it is to commit to a cardio routine. But the good news is that there is a way you can stay on track and not have to start from scratch every single time.

In fact, I can give you 5 ways to keep yourself motivated about taking a walk every day. Here they are: 

1. Start with a small goal first

 Most people fail in their routine because their first step is already wrong. Although it's great to challenge yourself to walk for an hour everyday for a month, let's face it - you're not as fit as you believe yourself to be.

 A better goal to start with is a few minutes every day for the first week. From there you can start increasing the duration of your walks to a pace you know you're comfortable with. No need to stress yourself out when the exact reason you're doing these walks is to feel better!


2. Count your steps and keep breaking records

The best way to keep that motivation going is the feeling of achieving something. By counting your steps each day, you can record your progress and then next week, aim for something higher than that. Not only do you get rewarded with that warm feeling of success each week, you also really start getting somewhere with your daily walks with this simple step.

To make counting steps easier, it's recommended that you get a Smartwatch. This will help rid you of the task of mentally taking note of how many steps you've taken and just lets you focus on doing your exercise.

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3. Walk with someone you know

Everything's always better with a friend. By having someone who will do the same routine with you, you are also getting a person who can hold you accountable and remind you when you're slacking. This goes both ways. It helps you both keep committed and to top it off, you'll develop a stronger bond by sharing something together. Now that's what I call a win-win!

4. Go on a different route

The thing about routines is that they get boring when you've been doing them for a while. That's perfectly normal and you don't have to beat yourself up for feeling that way every now and then. 

To keep things fresh, you can explore a new route once a week or when you feel like you're getting tired of the same views you see every morning. Another great tip is to visit different places each time so you don't end up integrating the other route into your routine.


5. Reward yourself for achievements

Rewards are a great way to boost morale, even if it's just a simple healthy snack or picking up a new item to help keep you inspired. Whatever it is, the purpose of a reward is to simply reinforce your newfound, good habit. You can always treat yourself as a sort of positive reinforcement but remember that it's much more fulfilling when you know you've done something great.