The 3 Best UV Sanitizers to Clean Your Phone

Did you know that your phone contains 10 times the number of germs found on a toilet seat of a public bathroom?  

Using alcohol wipes will do the trick, right? Wrong! While it will help keep your phone clean, it will damage your device's connectors and break down the oleophobic coating on your phone’s display which is used to minimize the appearance of fingerprints.

So what's the best way to clean your phone? The answer is UV (Ultra-Violet) technology, which has been used in hospitals for years to kill bacteria and germs.

The same technology is now available in a box, and we selected the best ones for you.

#1 - Overall Value: Eto UV Sanitizer and Wireless Charger

The Eto UV Sanitizer and Wireless Charger just launched

Sterilizing Speed: 5 mins

Convenience: wireless charging

Price : $

Overall value : A+

The Eto UV Sanitizer and Wireless Charger kills 99.99% of bacteria and germs in 5 minutes. I love this one as I drop my phone when I come home and put it back at night, so my phone is clean and fully charged by the time I wake up.

The Eto fits all phones up to 6.5 inches and was vetted by the UV Association. Added bonus: the LEDs will probably last a lifetime. They say 60,000 hours.

I gave it a A+ rating because of it's super easy to use, it is very efficient and fast and charges your phone at the same time.

UPDATE: It looks like there is a time-limited offer where you can get the Eto UV Sanitizer for half the price. This could be a good deal to take advantage of while they have it.
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#2 - Most Expensive: PhoneSoap

Sterilizing Speed: 5 mins

Convenience: wireless charging

Price : $$$

Overall value : B-

This one also sanitizes in 5 minutes and provides wireless charging inside as well. It comes in several colors and a pretty high price vs others…

This model uses bulbs (not LEDs) which are exposed inside and made us worry that we would damage them when using the product. That said, this is one of the first products that came out in 2014 so we had to consider it.

I gave it a B- rating because of the exposed bulbs design and the cost is on the high side. The feature of wireless charging just like with the Eto is quite convenient.

#3 - The challenger: Kmesoyi

Sterilizing Speed: 6 mins

Convenience: N/A

Price: $

Overall value : B+

This UV sanitizer has a nice design but is slower to sanitize. It uses UV-C bulbs (not LEDs). They will likely not last as long. I tried the USB charging but it was impossible to use.The USB plug is just too difficult to access and a special cable is required.

I gave it a B rating because of the design and a fair price.

Why We Chose Eto?

I wanted to provide more details on why the Eto worked best. Here is how I used it.

Personally, I was never sure UV-C light actually killed bacteria and germs. There’s a lot of brands out there claiming they work, but most don’t.

My good friend, who works in a lab, swore by the Eto. She said it got rid of bacteria and germs within 5 mins. I, of course, didn’t believe her. But then, I could see her peace of mind, relaxed attitude just growing as she was sanitizing her stuff with no effort. I begged her to let me borrow her eto uv sanitizer. Instead, she gave me a secret link and I ordered two Eto immediately.

I received the package within a week and started using it that night. Using it is very simple, you simply put your phone in and close the lid before you sleep. It feels like a little genie is sanitizing your phone..and charging it.

How Does It Work?

I looked into the science of Eto. I wanted to know how it worked, and what it was doing to the bacteria on my phone…

It turns out light has several “spectrum”. Some is visible light and some is invisible light. On the invisible light side, the UV-A and UV-B cause wrinkles and why I put on sunscreen often. But more interestingly, in the UV spectrum we can find the UV-C.

Bacteria and germs are microorganisms which are simple organic structures that readily absorb the UV-C wavelength, causing photo-disassociation …destruction!. It looks like this

Interestingly, the UV-C does not penetrate any solid surface or material so inside the Eto box, the UV-C light bounces around to hit every surface, nook and cranny. It will basically sanitize anything that fits in it: Earrings, smartwatch, etc.

Did It Finally Work?

After 5 mins of sanitizing, I took my phone out and it looked clean. Honestly these are micro bacteria so how could I tell? Well it was vetted by the UV Association and they have many engineers volunteers on staff. Additionally, In Houston, News anchor Tiffany Craig visited a lab at Rice University and with some help from Biosciences professor Dr. Matt Bennett, discovered that UVC light worked.  I felt reassured and lots of peace of mind.

Four weeks after receiving my Eto, I continue using it every day. It gives me and my family the extra safety I am all about. I’ve been converted into an Eto believer and hope you will, too.